Feasibility Analysis

Fact-Finding Discussion

This is a discussion to establish a clear understanding of your objectives for a captive. These ongoing discussions will be held at a frequency best suited to you.

Initial Review

This is a back of the envelope check to see if proceeding makes sense. We have no problem advising our clients that a captive may not be the right fit for them​.

Initial Program Design

We will present you with an outline of the proposed structure based on all the facts gathered to ensure it meets your requirements and expectations including domicile selection where appropriate.

Actuarial Works

Market Confirmation

We will engage in market discussions to estimate the costs for fronting, reinsurance, and collateral requirements.

Capital and Collateral Assessment


An actuarial valuation of the losses necessary for internal pricing, regulatory review, and financial projections may be performed by our actuary or one of your choice.

Financial Projections

We will provide you with five year proforma financials using your loss data, payout patterns, and estimated premium.

Based on market discussions, regulatory requirements, or other criteria, an assessment will be made of capital/collateral requirements.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We will make some comparisons with your current program or other possible structures.