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The Feasibility Study and Pre-Incorporation Activity

Fact Finding Discussion

A discussion to establish a  clear understanding of the objectives of having a captive.  These ongoing discussions will be held at a frequency best suited to you.

Initial Review

A back of the envelope check to see proceeding would or could make sense. We have no problem in advising potential clients that captives do not present an opportunity for them

Initial Program Design

Present an outline of the proposed structure based on all the facts proving out to ensure it meets the client requirements

Actuarial Work

An actuarial valuation of the losses necessary for internal pricing, regulatory review  and financial projections.  The study to be performed by your actuary, our actuary or one of your choice

Financial Projections

5 year proforma financials using the loss data and payout patterns and estimated premium numbers

Market Confirmation

Discussions with the market of covering fronting costs, reinsurance costs and collateral requirements with either you, your broker or CAP acting on behalf of the proposed program

Capital and Collateral Assessment

Based on market discussions, regulatory requirements or rent-a-captive owners assessment  a calculation of capital requirements

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Comparison with current program or other possible structures

Business Plan Development

Assisting or writing a business plan necessary for a variety of reasons drafting various documents like Dividend policy as required.

Identify Service Providers

With domicile knowledge we will assist in provider selection

Draft Policy Wording

Where policies are being written direct we will assist with policy wording

Application to Regulatory Body or Rent-a-Captive

We will assist in putting together a full application which depending on the chosen domicile and approach will vary considerably

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