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Implementation Activities

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Business Plan Development

Assisting or writing a business plan necessary for a variety of reasons drafting various documents like dividend policy as required

Project Management

Together we will prepare a master project plan and schedule project meetings, including work being done on licensing and certificates of authority, and periodic reports to management.

Program Documents/Legal Agreements

We will help you identify and develop needed program documents.

Collateralization and Reinsurance Structures

We will work with actuaries to determine expected collateral needs and define reinsurance structures to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Staffing Needs

We will work with you to identify staffing needs, outline job descriptions, and help vet internal and external applicants for the new roles created.

Fronting and Reinsurance Placements

We will help arrange fronting and reinsurance placements where needed. CAP is licensed in a variety of US states.

Identify Service Providers

With domicile knowledge we will assist in provider selection

Draft Policy Wording

Where policies are being written direct we will assist with policy wording

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